Fergal and the Fib

Fergal and the Fib

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Robert Starling


Picture Books

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The 4th in the Fergal series sees our favourite fiery dragon face to face with his conscience after he tells a huge lie...  Fergal has discovered that he can tell a little lie and get away with it. But when he accidentally smashes the bakery window with his football, he tells a really big lie and his friend gets into big trouble. Fergal is out of hot water for now, but he feels terrible. Will coming clean be enough to get rid of the funny feeling in his tummy?

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Fergal is a very friendly little dragon, but, sometimes, he tells fibs. But when he accidentally smashes the window of Bear's bakery, he tells a big lie and says that he didn't do it. This leads to Fox, one of his football friends, being blamed and punished for the damage. Fergal feels terrible, like he's carrying a huge weight around in his tummy, until he finds the courage to own up and face the consequences of his actions.

This is the fourth adventure for the loveable Fergal. This big-hearted, well-intentioned little dragon does not always do the right thing initially, but he gets there in the end. In this story, he lies to cover up for something he is scared about getting into trouble for. Many children will recognise this feeling and empathise with Fergal's dilemma, meaning the story offers the perfect opportunity for initiating discussions about the importance of telling the truth. As he persists with the lie and lets his friend take the blame, Fergal's guilt makes him feel bad inside until he resolves the problem.

I love the fact that Fergal seeks to make amends for the trouble he has caused. There are consequences for his actions and by helping Bear the baker every day, he is doing something practical to make up for the broken window. The illustrations are absolutely delightful, clearly conveying the whole range of emotions which Fergal experiences. I look forward to seeing what Fergal gets up to next!

Picture book / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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