Flat Cat

Flat Cat

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Hiawyn Oram, Gwen Millward



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Walker Books Ltd







Pampered cat Jimi-My-Jim is feeling - well - flat. Jimi has everything - the best food, plenty of toys and of course all the attention he could want from his owner, Sophie. But Jimi wants more - he yearns for adventure but is trapped indoors, inside their apartment. Jimi feels flat, and with each passing day he gets flatter - until the day that Sophie and her mother forget the apartment keys, and Jimi escapes and explores town with a special friend. With a cat party in full swing (and playing 'Chase the Remote-Control-Mouse') when Sophie and her family get home, Jimi is in trouble, but Sophie comes to realise what Jimi needs to make him happy. The surprising adventures of a cat-about-town will keep young children enthralled - and it would be interesting to see what they make of this pet's 'alternate life'; especially children who wonder what their pets get up to when they're not around! I loved all the little jokes in the text and images too, like the cats returning for 'a last lap of cream' and the list of cats - 'fat cats, cool cats, jazz cats, boss cats,' etc at the party. The images are full of expression and humour. This is a lovely story to share with young children - and it would also be great to use with young writers to inspire them to write / illustrate their own story about their pets and what they do all day and night? Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Ellen Green.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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