Where Is the Cat?

Where Is the Cat?

By Author / Illustrator

Eva Eland



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Andersen Press








This fun and familiar tale of cat chase invites you to spot Cat in every scene as he hides from Suzy, from award-winning author and illustrator, Eva Eland.

Suzy is visiting Auntie today, and she wants to play with Cat. But where is he? Always just out of her reach, Suzy calls for him - all she wants to do is play dressing up, or dance together, or pretend they're mummy and baby . . . but Cat doesn't like the sound of that one bit. Will he change his mind at nap time, when Suzy is quiet and curled up in bed?

From award-winning author and illustrator, Eva Eland who brought us When Sadness Comes to Call: 'Packs an emotional punch' Sunday Independent, Best Books of 2019. 'Outstanding, don't miss it' Irish Independent



Where is the Cat? is a fun book which involves finding cat! At the beginning we meet cat who has a good life enjoying all the things cats love... mice, fish and lots of sleep, living happily with Suzy's auntie. Then Suzy arrives and wants to find cat. Cat is hiding and what fabulous fun for the reader to find cat among plants, lamps and furniture! Unfortunately, Suzy can't find cat and becomes frustrated and cross. Will nap time change things?

A wonderful book by Eva Eland which could be shared in so many ways. When reading with six- to seven-year-olds, we explored prepositions describing where cat was hiding. We also explored caring for animals and being gentle with pets. We loved the illustrations and the end papers are so funny! A definite 5 stars! If you love cats then this book is for you!

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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