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The neighbours all complain about the foxes hanging around the flat where Cassie lives, close to the River Thames, but Cassie thinks they're beautiful. Her favourite is a small fox with a white tail-tip, who she names Frost. One night she catches sight of him out in the snow, looking cold and thin, and decides to sneak him some food. But Frost seems to want her to follow him... As he leads Cassie towards the river she feels the world change around her and finds herself in the back in the seventeenth century - at the time of the Frost Fair on the frozen Thames. At first she is thrilled by the sights and sounds of the famous fair, then she glimpses a fox with a white tail-tip. It appears that Frost wants her to follow him again. Can she find a way to return the fox to his countryside home?

An magical wintry tale from best-selling author Holly Webb. For fans of Michael Morpurgo and The Snow Foal, this is the perfect book to snuggle up with and enjoy this winter.



Part of the winter animals series by best selling children's author Holly Webb, Frost is an absolutely delightful tale of friendship between a young girl called Cassie and a fox cub she calls Frost.

While her Mum is busy at work, Cassie is left in the care of her older brother William, but as with many older brothers he'd rather be playing with his friends than looking after his young sister. So Cassie often finds herself alone, while her brother is off playing football with his friends.

When Cassie spots a young cub in the undergrowth near her flat she thinks he's beautiful, although she knows her Mum won't approve and that she must keep the cub's existence a secret. Gradually, with time and tempting treats, the young cub Cassie calls Frost begins to trust her more and more. Then one winter's night, Frost leads Cassie out on to the streets of London and back in time to when the Thames would freeze over and Londoners would host a Frost Fair. It's 1683 and although Cassie is thrilled by the sights and sounds of the famous fair, she knows she must get the young cub back to their own time.

This is a truly lovely story, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup, that takes its reader on a journey through time. A perfect, read aloud, heart-warming winter's tale full of animal adventure, equally good to read snuggled up at home in front of a roaring fire or as whole class read in school at lower KS2.

192 pages / Reviewed by Samantha Phillips, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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