Hamish and the Neverpeople

Hamish and the Neverpeople

By Author / Illustrator

Danny Wallace, Jamie Littler



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Simon & Schuster Ltd




Paperback / softback




'HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!' Frank Cottrell Boyce
'Hilarious' Tim Minchin
'Danny Wallace and Jamie Littler's books contain all the wit and warmth of Dahl and Blake at their best. Irresistible.' Phil Earle
'Like David Walliams, Danny Wallace is a comedian turned children's author. Of the two, Wallace's writing is funnier' The Sunday Times, Children's Book of the Week

A hilarious adventure from presenter and bestselling author Danny Wallace brought to life with illustrations from Jamie Littler, perfect for fans of David Walliams, Roald Dahl, David Baddiel and David Solomons!

Nobody knows it yet, but the people of Earth are in big, big trouble.
Like - HUGE trouble. Oh, come on, where's your imagination? Double what you're thinking!

It involves a shadowy figure, an enormous tower, some sinister monsters, an army of huge clanking and thundering metal oddballs, and people who are just like you... but not like you at all.

So now you have a decision to make: read this book and discover a secret that will change your life FOREVER or run away screaming while you can...



Hamish and his friends are back in action again! Having saved the world once, they now need to face a new threat. Something strange is happening. When the Prime Minister comes to Starkley (one of Britain's most boring towns) to film an episode of Question Me Silly, he suddenly announces to the nation, 'I really like my little blue pants'. Hamish notices a strange blank look in the Prime Minister's eyes and realises something is wrong. It's time for the PDF (Pause Defence Force) to swing into action! This is a very funny, very readable book that will appeal to younger readers looking for a longer read, older readers looking for a quicker read and everybody in between! Full of jokes and word play, the story moves at a pleasing pace and keeps you laughing throughout. What I particularly liked about this book were the characters. Hamish is essentially a very 'normal' little boy- he misses his dad; he has worries; he has good friends. He is a hero because he wants to do the right thing even though it is not easy for him. Alice is an excellent friend, supportive and feisty- and 'always prepared!'. Hamish's family are also appealing personalities - I share many of his mother's worries! (Or so my son would tell you!) & A fun read with plenty of humour and plenty of action - and someone else who struggles to spell tarquise/torkoyz- a sort of aquamarine colour!

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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