I Definitely Don't Like Winter

I Definitely Don't Like Winter

By Author / Illustrator

Fiona Barker, Christine Pym


Friends and family

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Paperback / softback




A brilliantly funny picture book about two best friends who just can't agree! Hank and Hoog are best friends - they do EVERYTHING together. Until one morning, when a single, crisp, brown leaf falls to the ground... Hank is so annoyed! Falling leaves mean winter is coming, and Hank definitely does not like winter. BRRRRRRR! But Hoog is overjoyed! Hoog loves winter - the snow, the snuggles, all of it! AHHHHHHH! Will these two friends learn to put their differences aside? You bet they will! They may not agree on winter, but there's something they both definitely like: each other. And there's nothing more important than being best friends.

With a laugh-out-loud story bursting with personality and beautiful illustrations full of heart, I Definitely Don't Like Winter is an instant picture book classic The perfect read for winter, and all year round! With themes of friendship, disagreement, compromise and honesty



Two squirrels who are best friends do everything together - until the first leaf of autumn falls. Hanks does not like winter while Hoog embraces all winter offers. Hanks is sad and cold and lonely. Will these two friends be able to put differences aside and get together? You will have to read the book to find out.

I Definitely Don't Like Winter is a lovely story that shows even if we like different things we can still be friends. The book has beautiful illustrations by Christine Pym and you really get a sense of the characters from looking at the way they have been drawn on each page.  I can see children at home, in nursery or at school choosing this story from the bookshelf again and again for adults to read to them; and it's a story adults won't mind reading for the hundredth time.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jenny, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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