Imagine if... Veggies!: A Push, Pull, Slide Tab Book

Imagine if... Veggies!: A Push, Pull, Slide Tab Book

By Author / Illustrator

Ayako Watanabe


Baby & Toddler Books


Templar Publishing




Board book




Veggies take on unexpected forms in this joyful novelty book from rising talent Aya Watanabe.  If you use a little imagination, the world is a wondrous place: asparagus become speedy trains; corn on the cob look like busy apartment blocks; and a tomato is a shining sunshine.  Lift, slide, push, pull and spin the wheels in this gloriously interactive book for babies and toddlers, that's practically bursting with colour and humour. Don't forget to find the ant hiding on every page!

Also in the series: Imagine If....Fruits!



Imagine If… Veggies! 'With chunky sliders to push and pull, it’s never been easier to play with your food.' This book will help you to see vegetables in a whole new, rather humorous, light! We are encouraged to use our imagination as we discover: a tomato sun, a cucumber hammock, an asparagus train and even snap pea rockets. Can you and your little one think of any more things that the vegetables could be?

Research has shown that exposure to healthy lifestyles in books can support our children to understand the importance of healthy living and be more willing to try healthy foods. This picture book series is a useful tool to promote healthy eating as it encourages us to play around with food using our imagination. Aya Watanabe is a rising star who is producing books which are so appealing to a child's mind. She has used bold and brightly coloured illustrations to help portray vegetables in a positive and deliciously appealing way!  Hidden in these illustrations are some tiny ants that your child will be sure to enjoy searching for. Can you find the ant before they do?

If you're looking for an interactive book which also promotes healthy eating in a subtle way, then this series is absolutely for you.

Board book / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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