Life is Magic

Life is Magic

By Author / Illustrator

Meg McLaren



Age range(s)



Andersen Press Ltd




Paperback / softback




Magician Monsieur Lapin is auditioning assistants and Houdini the rabbit is the obvious choice - he loves magic and knows how to take care of everyone and everything in the theatre. So one night when things go wrong, Houdini tries to carry on with the show... and unfortunately that spells rabbit-shaped disaster for his human magician.



Life is magic is a lovely story about Houdini who is a performer in a magic show. Houdini is the Magician's assistant and has an knack for doing all the right things that make him an excellent assistant. One night something goes wrong and Houdini ends up turning the magician into a rabbit. So Houdini becomes the main act and starts doing tricks in a show that everyone flocks to see. However, as time goes on, Houdini sees that him being in charge and leading the show isn't popular with everyone and the magician now rabbit is very unhappy. Houdini realises he needs to bring his team working skills into play and performs a great trick, returning all to normal. This books is beautifully illustrated with limited text so creates lots of opportunities to discuss what is happening, and to make predictions and inference about the story. There are a lot of underlying messages too; being a good team worker, sharing the limelight, thinking of your friends... all of which could be opened up with the use of this book. But an a stand alone bedtime read, Life is Magic is a perfect one. Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Marie Berry, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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