Little Bird Lost

Little Bird Lost

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Patricia Hegarty, Sebastiaan Van Doninck



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Little Tiger Press Group








A range of simple stories for new readers, with beautiful colour illustrations.
Deer is grazing in the forest, minding his own business, when he hears someone calling out for help. Little Bird has injured his wing in a fall and has been separated from his flock, who are flying away to another, warmer land. Deer is keen to help Little Bird and introduces him to his forest friends, who tell them that Little Bird needs to follow the sun in order to find his flock. But how can he do that when he can no longer fly? Deer offers to journey with him and they set off on an adventure through the forest and the seasons...
A charming story about helping others to overcome obstacles.



When Little Bird finds himself hurt and alone in the forest, he call out for help and Deer quickly comes to his aid. After a discussion with the forest animals, the two set off to follow the sun in order to find Bird's flock. A charming story of friendship, adversity and adventure through the seasons. The rich, lyrical language and stunning illustrations show not just a journey through the wilderness, but a journey of a growing friendship and support, with Bird and Deer both helping each other. They become so engrossed in their adventure together, discovering the wonders (and dangers) around them, that neither notice when Bird could have continued on his own. Seasons, forest creatures, animal homes and migration are all touched upon within the story, inspiring curious young minds to find out more about Bird's interrupted journeys through the environment Deer calls home. One of the With Colour Illustrations series from Stripes, this is perfect for young readers setting off on their own independent reading journey. The format also means older children needing an easier read can pick these up too. 96 pages / Ages 5-7 years / Reviewed by Nicola Cleveland, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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