Look Out, Leonard!

Look Out, Leonard!

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Jessie James, Tamara Anegon



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Dorling Kindersley Ltd




Paperback / softback




Oh no! Leonard has a bit of a problem. It's moving day and he has lost his family. This charming storybook for kids will have young readers at the edge of their seats as they follow Leonard on his journey through the jungle and see who's tail he grabs next!

Short and easy-to-read text makes this reading and learning a fun activity for kids between the ages of 3-5 with interactive sections - Little ones can help Leonard stay safe by shouting "Look Out, Leonard!"

Things are very busy indeed for the Shrew family - it's moving day! Mrs Shrew has told the family to all hold onto each other's tails so that nobody gets left behind or lost. They set off in a single file, but wait? Where is Leonard? He's gone! Join Leonard on his adventure through the jungle as he manages to grab on to anything and everything that isn't a shrew tail!

As poor little Leonard finds his way through the rainforest, he narrowly avoids catastrophe at every turn, encountering snippy-snappy crocodiles, cross snakes, angry baboons and even grabs a flying parrot's tail! Will Leonard make it safely to the end of their journey?



Look Out Leonard! is a sweet picture book about The Shrew family and their big move to their new home! Mrs Shrew (Mum) has asked the family to all hold onto each other's tails so that they don't get lost on the move, however, Leonard isn't very good at following instructions and gets lost. Little Leonard goes on an adventure meeting lots of animals - and their tails! - and trying to get out of some sticky situations to catch up with his family. He even manages to save his family from a near death experience!

I thought the story was sweet and I that liked at the back of the book there is some information about Shrews and the thinking behind the story. The illustrations are fabulous, full of colour and bring the story alive. I liked that each member of the family had a slight change about them - different shapes and shades of blue, while Leonard has his glasses. There is also an element of maths involved in the book which is interactive for the reader, which I enjoyed too.

This is a lovely picture book for younger children who are interested in animals and like a little mischief.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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