My First Book of the Cosmos

My First Book of the Cosmos

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Sheddad,Kaid-Salah Ferron, Altarriba Eduard


Non Fiction

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My First Book of the Cosmos is the latest title from the awarding winning illustrator and author duo Eduard Altarriba and Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferron. Cosmology is closely related to astronomy and studies the origin and evolution of the universe.

As with Eduard and Sheddad's first book published by Button Books My First Book of Quantum Physics, My First Book of the Cosmos introduces children to what is an incredibly complex subject in a fun and entertaining way, using highly attractive and absorbing illustrations to explain the basic principles and concepts of this complex and fascinating subject.  AGES: 5 to 11

AUTHOR: Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferron is a science and physics enthusiast with degrees in physics and pharmacy. Since graduation he has been teaching science to children, continuing to study physics, working in the pharmaceutical field and staring at the universe with his telescope. He now writes popular science books. Eduard Altarriba is a graphic designer and illustrator. He runs Alababala, a Barcelona-based independent studio producing games, exhibitions, animation, apps and workbooks for children that are practical and fun.



A mind expanding and utterly fascinating book, My First Book of the Cosmos takes the reader beyond space into the entire universe in a brilliantly accessible way.

A perfect book for adults and children to explore together as information and facts astound you. The book has a beautiful layout; bold, coloured pages with a variety of fonts and captions to capture the eye and break down the text into easy bites. Graphic illustrations accompany every page and provide real 'lightbulb' moments as you read and ponder on the complexities of the universe.

Reading and re-reading is key here but, despite the obvious complexity of the topic, the explanations are not only accessible but very entertaining to read. This book certainly goes beyond many I have seen in school under the 'Space' theme. It stretches the understanding and knowledge of the reader and is very enlightening. With sections on black holes , time travel and the lives and deaths of stars, it is packed full of absorbing details. A really captivating and fun way to access a challenging but amazing topic!

56 pages / Reviewed by Jenny Caddick

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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