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Katharine Orton, Sandra Dieckmann



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Are you looking for a wintry adventure to curl up with? Nevertell by Katherine Orion takes place in Russia and takes the reader on a journey with our protagonist Lina and her friend Bogdan. Escaped from the prison camp she has lived in her whole life, Lina plans on achieving freedom. Whilst journeying through the snowy lands, the pair come across mythical wolves and a sorceress who controls them. There are elements of folklore here, which as a huge fan on Sophie Anderson I appreciated. These bring the book to life and deepen the storytelling. Fans of Emma Carroll will also appreciate the historical elements which are belonged brilliantly with the magic. Lina is brave, determined and compassionate. A strong heroine that will appeal to many girls, and boys, in UKS2. The adventure is like many in books in that it is filled with setbacks as well as triumphs. The storyline is well plotted and builds up gradually. Orton's use of language is masterful and her vivid descriptions bring the journey to life for the reader. Highly recommended. Possible more suited for girls than boys but there is something for all here. Perfect to snuggle up with on a winter's afternoon. 384 pages / Ages 9-12 / Reviewed by Bryony Davies, school librarian

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