Outside In: Nature Poems

Outside In: Nature Poems

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Daniel Thompson, Collins Kids, Julia Murray



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HarperCollins Publishers








Inspiring poems to connect with nature....   This collection of 50 poems will spark a love of nature, bring calm and happiness and let the outside in.  Beautifully illustrated, it is filled with poems for children to read alone or enjoy with the whole family.   With poems about the seasons, senses, wildlife, weather and the joys of mud, it's the perfect gift book for children to treasure.

From poet Daniel Thompson, author of Being You: Poems of Positivity and the 2023 City Kids' Green Awards winner, and selected for the Reading Agency's 2023 Summer reading challenge.



Containing 50 poems inspired by nature, Outside In: Nature Poems is a wonderfully uplifting collection. Daniel Thompson's love of the outdoors and the healing joy of nature shines through each poem. There are poems about the weather, animals, the season… showing all the variety and wonders of the natural world.

There are so many poems to enjoy here. I love 'A Flamboyance of Flamingos', an acrostic spelling 'a collective nouns poem' which cleverly uses those which group creatures to create the poem. Collective nouns are always great fun to explore with children and this poem could lead to them creating their own poems in this style. 'Beautiful Flowers' encapsulates the fabulous variety and ingenuity of the blooms we so often take for granted - but also makes the reader pause and draw parallels with how unique each human is, too.

As might be expected from such a collection, there are poems which reflect upon threats to nature. 'A World Without Bees' focuses on all the 'b's' we would lose - 'big family banquets of bountiful grub', for example whilst 'No Planet B' reminds the reader that we need to take care of planet A - the one which we have.

Some of the poems encourage us to learn about nature without realising!  'The Superhero Squad' draws attention to some of the incredible things animals can do and 'The Great Recycler' explores how ingenious the Earth is at recycling and reusing its resources.

Outside In: Nature Poems is beautifully presented with engaging, attractive illustrations on every page. A brilliant collection for sharing, discussing, performing and using as models to inspire writing; it is also the perfect book to curl up and enjoy alone!

96 pages / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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