Pinball Science

Pinball Science

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Ian Graham (Author), Owen Davey, Nick Arnold



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Templar Publishing







What a brilliant way to introduce children to the science of forces - and to have a lot of fun along the way. This boxed set includes all the parts you need to make your own pinball machine, together with a 32-page booklet explaining the science behind making it work. The text, supported by clear diagrams, covers the main forces - gravity, velocity, mass etc - and touches on the forces that make machines (levers, screws etc) work. The fun bit is definitely in creating the pinball machine, which is fairly straightforward although an adult will need to help with the fiddly bits. Once it's build, the theory is there to help show how the pinball machine will work, together with some other simple but effective experiments around forces that can also be used in the classroom. The explanations are simple and clear and the fun part is in seeing actual demonstrations of the science using the pinball machine - and the other experiments. This would make a great gift for any curious child aged 7 - 10 years, but it would also be a really useful classroom tool for helping to explain forces in a fun and accessible way. 32 page book plus pinball kit / Ages 8+ / Reviewed by Carol Lloyd.

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