Rainbow Magic: Rihanna the Seahorse Fairy: The Magical Animal Fairies Book 4

Rainbow Magic: Rihanna the Seahorse Fairy: The Magical Animal Fairies Book 4

By Author / Illustrator

Daisy Meadows, Georgie Ripper


Fairy Tales & Folk Tales

Age range(s)



Hachette Children's Group




Paperback / softback




Get ready for an exciting fairy adventure with the no. 1 bestselling series for girls aged 5 and up.

The Magical Animal Fairies look after seven young Magical Animals, and train them to use their powers wisely, for the good of Fairyland and the human world. But the animals have been stolen! Can Rachel and Kirsty help the Magical Animals before their powers cause chaos?

'These stories are magic; they turn children into readers!' ReadingZone.com

Read all seven fairy adventures in the Magic Animal Fairies set! Ashley the Dragon Fairy; Lara the Black Cat Fairy; Erin the Firebird Fairy; Rihanna the Seashorse Fairy, Sophia the Snow Swan Fairy; Leona the Unicorn Fairy; Caitlin the Ice Bear Fairy.

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Emily - Age 9

I don't like this book, I love it. There are so many things you can imagine with it, that's why I love the book

Suggested Reading Age 9+

Vishaka - Age 8

I Love rainbow magic and unicorn magic.

Suggested Reading Age 7+


I just love it, my child just loved it so much and he started continuing reading more and more books this is a really entertaining book that you have to read, by my opinion, I think it encourages kids to read more.

Suggested Reading Age 7+

issy - Age 8

I liked it when kirsty and rachel saved the seahorse from those mean, horrible goblins!

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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