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A joyful and fun read-along tale of one family's quest to find the Rainbowsaurus, featuring lots of colourful creatures.

We're following a rainbow to find the Rainbowsaurus.
We're following a rainbow. Would you like to join us?

Join two dads and their three children as they set off on an adventure to find the Rainbowsaurus. On their way, they meet animals that are all the colours of the rainbow who all want to find the Rainbowsaurus, too.

From the author and illustrator of the Mr Panda series and The Queen's Hat collection, comes this instantly classic-feeling adventure. A perfect story to read at bedtime again and again.



What a beautiful celebration of families and adventure for very young children.  Reminiscent of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Rainbowsaurus sees a family going to hunt for the Rainbowsaurus and on the way, they celebrate their togetherness and their quest with a range of other animals - a red cow that moos, an orange snake that hisses, and a yellow frog that goes 'ribbit', for example - until the family has an entire entourage of animals following in the hunt for the Rainbowsaurus.

The repeated verse, "We're following a rainbow. Come along and join us. We're following a rainbow to find the Rainbowsaurus," is one that the children will delight in repeating.  But what makes this book such fun is that children are encouraged to make all the noises of the animals as their quest continues on each page - the sounds of this as a shared read will make for much laughter and probably much confusion, too! Get ready for a tumultuous collection of growls, quacks, hee-haws and oinks!

The rainbow-themed pages and multi-coloured animals, together with the family with two dads at the centre of this story, celebrate differences by bringing everything together in a riot of colour and energy.

This is such a lovely book to read aloud and one that children will love to share again, and again! Highly recommended.

Picture book / Reviewed by Elen Green

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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