Rusty The Squeaky Robot

Rusty The Squeaky Robot

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Neil Clark, Neil Clark



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Aurum Press




Paperback / softback




Rusty is a friendly robot, but not a very happy one; he's feeling down about the way that he sounds. The other robots on Planet Robotone - Belle, Twango, Hoot and Boom-Bot - show Rusty that being a little bit different is the best way to be, and together make a raucous song and dance that celebrates their differences. This charming story about friendship, self-discovery and the strength of pooling everyone's talents together has a strong, empowering message of acceptance and embracing individuality. With wonderful, contemporary illustrations that will appeal to young children and parents alike, the story will provoke thought - and conversation - about being different, and how we should all embrace our characteristics and be comfortable and confident in ourselves.



A sweet and simple story about a robot from planet 'Robotone' who is no longer happy with his sound. Rusty didn't like his squeak; the sound he made with every nod of his head and tap of his feet and if he couldn't like his squeak, he couldn't like himself. Rusty was feeling really down, until Belle wheeled over with her loud DING! Belle is cheery and bright and quickly explains she'll be Rusty's friend and make everything all right. And off they go to see who else they will meet. Soon more robots get involved to help Rusty out, showing him that everybody is different in their own special way and it's ok just to be you exactly how you are. This is a sweet story with a clear message for its readers, to be happy in your own skin and love what makes you different. A really good read aloud book with fun rhyming text for young children to follow along with. Children will thoroughly enjoy repeating the different sounds the robots make and could explore reinterpreting these sounds with musical instruments in class. A great text to engage children in the teaching of music and sounds. Children could create their own robot/s to meet along the way each with a different sound to add to this collection culminating in a fun soundtrack for the children to produce. The illustrations are bright, bold and colourful. Although at first glimpse I felt they could be a little too abstract/contemporary for young minds to enjoy, on looking closer and a re-reading of the text you see that the illustrations are just right, perfect in fact; providing enough expression to create loveable, vibrant characters. Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Nikki Stiles, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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