Say Goodbye... Say Hello

Say Goodbye... Say Hello

By Author / Illustrator

Cori Doerrfeld


Friends and family

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Scallywag Press








Change and transitions are hard, but Say Goodbye... Say Hello! demonstrates how, when one experience ends, it opens the door for another to begin. It follows two best friends as they say goodbye to snowmen, and hello to stomping in puddles. They say goodbye to long walks, butterflies, and the sun...and hello to long evening talks, fireflies, and the stars. But the hardest goodbye of all comes when one of the friends has to move away. Feeling alone isn't easy, and sometimes new beginnings take time. But even the hardest days come to an end, and you never know what tomorrow will bring.



From the award-winning author of 'The Rabbit Listened' comes a thought-provoking story about the feelings that come with change. Many of us are afraid of change and anticipate its possible implications. This book subtly challenges us to focus on the positive aspects of change - to realise that when we 'say goodbye', we 'say hello' to a new experience.

This creation is led by its very telling illustrations. It follows a young girl who says goodbye to her mother on her first day of school and hello to a new friend in her class. This new friend enables the young girl to say goodbye to sitting alone at lunchtimes and hello to sitting together. They enjoy experiencing changes together; saying goodbye to the snowy fun of winter and hello to splashing in puddles. The hardest 'goodbye' comes when one of the friends have to move away. But even this 'goodbye' brings new adventures and leads to a new 'hello'.

The limited text allows our focus to be on the intricate detail in every image. We explore the story through the emotions of the characters on their faces and in their body language. We infer what change is happening, the negative emotion experienced and the new adventure it beholds.

The depth of conversation after reading this book is very much the choice of the audience. This book can be shared with the youngest children, relating to transitions in their developmental growth, for example; moving on from a comforter. When shared with older children, it opens us up to discussing more in-depth topics, such as changes in family dynamics.

This book is perfect to share at transitional points in anybody's life. There is great value in using this book as a tool to help children to communicate their emotions and develop strong emotional intelligence. This book is best read alongside an adult or older role-model who can respond appropriately to any conversational response to the book.

Picture book / Ages 3-7 years / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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