Shark Super Powers

Shark Super Powers

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Jillian Morris, Duncan Brake, Steve May


Non Fiction

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UCLan Publishing




Paperback / softback




We all know about the Great White, but did you know about the shark that can glow in the dark? Or the one that can trump to lose buoyancy? Full of photographs, scientific diagrams and illustrations, Shark Super Powers is the perfect guide for any shark fanatic. Dive right in with marine biologists Jillian and Duncan as they take you into the depths of the ocean. There you'll discover all sorts of weird and wonderful sharks you perhaps didn't know existed. Learn all about these amazing creatures and their extraordinary super powers.



Shark Super Powers is an engaging and informative introduction to the world of sharks. Each double-page spread covers a different species of shark, including the most well-know (hammerhead, great white etc.) as well as more obscure examples (swell shark, goblin shark).

Each shark's 'super power' is identified, from 360 degree vision to glowing in the dark, and mega farts! The Top Trumps style 'Fast Facts' section on each page will appeal to data lovers, and the layout and density of text are just perfect for newly confident readers.

My only reservation is the relative lack of photographs (one per species) compared to cartoon illustrations - I think shark enthusiasts would rather see more of the real thing. Although there is a great introduction from Steve Backshall, I'd also have liked an initial section introducing 'What is a Shark?'.

32 pages / Ages 5-10 years / Reviewed by Carol Carter, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 5+


Shark Super Powers is a fun and engaging look into the many different types of shark that live in our oceans. This book introduces each shark over a double page spread filled with fun facts and information that are sure to draw in the keenest shark fans.

Introduced by Steve Backshall, this book aims to use knowledge of sharks to make them seem less dangerous and intimidating. One of the key facts from the introduction is that more people are killed taking selfies than by sharks. The book supports the organisation Sharks4Kids which aims to empower a generation of advocates.

Each shark has a double page spread filled with information. Large illustrations (by Steve May) bring these beautiful animals to life alongside photographs of them in their natural habitats and a map to show where these are. Each shark is given a super power and the fast facts box also contain a diagram of the shark's tooth. These would make excellent Top Trumps!

The authors do not shy away from using the correct terminology and Latin names where needed. This text is therefore both accessible and challenging enough to be used across the primary key stages. Younger children will enjoy the illustrations and super powers while there is enough for older children to absorb and use as a stimulus for further reading should they wish so. I know many pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 who would grab this and pour over each page.

32 pages / Ages 5-10 years / Reviewed by Bryony Davies, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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