Sleep Like Death: From the author of TikTok sensation Cinderella is Dead

Sleep Like Death: From the author of TikTok sensation Cinderella is Dead

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Kalynn Bayron


Fairy Tales & Folk Tales

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Bloomsbury YA




Paperback / softback




Cinderella is dead, but Snow White fights on ... New York Times bestselling author and TikTok sensation Kalynn Bayron makes her highly anticipated return to the fairytale realm of Cinderella is Dead with this thrilling twist on the classic story of Snow White.

Princess Eve was raised with one purpose: to destroy the Knight, an evil sorcerer who terrorises Queen's Bridge with his wicked magic. Far too many of her subjects have been devastated by the Knight's trickery but Eve's own unique magic - the ability to conjure weapons from nature - makes her a worthy adversary.

As she approaches her seventeenth birthday, Eve is ready to battle. But her mother, Queen Regina, has been acting bizarrely, talking to a strange mirror alone every night. Then a young man claiming to be the Knight's messenger appears and shares a shocking truth about Eve's past. Unsure of who to trust or what to do next, Eve must find the courage to fight. But will it be enough to save her family and her queendom?



Cinderella is Dead, the clever and compelling feminist reinvention of the classic fairytale, was an instant hit. In this exciting new reimagining, Sleep Like Death, BookTok sensation Bayron turns her attention to another classic fairytale, this time Snow White. Its heroine, the fearless Princess Eve, was brought up a warrior, believing her destiny was to destroy the Knight, an evil and corrupt sorcerer who terrorises the desperate people of Queen's Bridge. The Knight delights in granting wishes literally, cruelly turning them into curses with his wicked magic.

Eve, whose own power lies in her ability to talk to animals and conjure weapons from nature, collects stories of the evil enchantments so she can learn how best to bring him down, confident she can save her queendom. However, when her mother Queen Sanna is turned into a songbird, Queen Regina begins talking to a mysterious mirror alone every night, and a man claiming to be the Knight's messenger arrives and shares a shocking secret about her past, Princess Eve begins to doubt her destiny just when she needs to believe in it most. With her confidence in her ability to put an end to the Knight's trickery shattered, the Princess must work out who to trust and build her courage back up if she is to save her family and, ultimately, her people.

There is so much to love about this book that it's hard to know where to start: the convincing fantasy world-building, which draws the reader in; the furious narrative pace; the genuine sense of menace and danger that keeps the pages turning; the fairytale elements to spot throughout the storyline; the dark, haunting atmosphere; the snappy dialogue; the queer representation and subversion of gender stereotypes; the underpinning message (be careful what you wish for and how you ask for it, or maybe just make the most of what you have); but especially worthy of mention is the outstanding character creation.

The supporting cast of characters are all well-rounded and credible. Clever, courageous and ever so slightly sassy, Princess Eve herself is a character to really care about and her character journey drives the story while her relationship with her two mums lies at its heart.

Sleep Like Death is the perfect recommendation for those KS3 students (ages 12+) who have enjoyed and exhausted the Disney Twisted Tales. It reads brilliantly alone but complements Cinderella is Dead perfectly. Bayron is clearly enjoying conjuring up an entire fairytale-inspired universe of her own. I can't wait to see which classic tale she casts her storytelling spell over next.

400 pages / Reviewed by Eileen Armstrong, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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