Smart About Sharks

Smart About Sharks

By Author / Illustrator

Owen Davey



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It's time to learn about the sea's most feared (and most misunderstood) residents: sharks! Owen Davey returns to nonfiction to explain the mysteries of those denizens of the deep. Some are deadly, others are less so, but all of them are fascinating creatures. Exciting and detailed illustrations fill the page and educate young readers about these thrilling residents of the sea. Davey's whimsical text and eye-popping imagery saw his previous book win the affection of the Wall Street Journal, Smart About Sharks is sure to have teeth!



Did you know that sharks can be found swimming in every ocean on the planet? Sharks are some of the most successful underwater hunters on Earth but there is so much more to learn about these amazing fish. Owen Davey's latest book Smart About Sharks explores so much about what makes a shark, a shark. Over the last 200 million years they have evolved to become the perfect predators, adapting to their environments and passing these characteristics from generation to generation, making them the kings of the seas. This incredible book has something for every shark/marine enthusiast to sink their teeth into. Whether it's finding about the variety of sharks - the fastest, the highest jumper, the laziest - or simply learning about how social they are, this book is full of the most amazing fishy facts. Take a look at the average size of different species compared to each other and get to know both the smallest and the largest varieties of shark. With so many weird and wonderful shark families you will be amazed by the Goblin Shark, the Tropical Sawshark and even the Pyjama Shark! Davey closes the book with a fascinating look at shark mythology. Many cultures around the world respect the shark, especially those that swim in surrounding waters, so it is natural that many legends and traditional tales feature these amazing creatures. Discover Mana the Aboriginal shark that created the rivers of Australia, Ka-moho-ali'i the Hawaiian fish god and Dakuwaqa the Fijian half-man, half-shark god who is afraid of the giant octopus goddess. Owen Davey's unique style and restricted colour palette of pink, turquoise & lemon make this book a visual feast. The design is clean and uncluttered but full of artistic charm. Each page balances the authoritative feel of a 1950's style text book with a colourful and engaging picture book simply begging to be enjoyed. Recommended to fans of Mad About Monkeys and the other recent publications from Flying Eye. This book is as much a work of art as it is a fact file of amazing information about the wonderful world of sharks.

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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