Solve Your Own Mystery: The Monster Maker

Solve Your Own Mystery: The Monster Maker

By Author / Illustrator

Gareth P. Jones, Louise Forshaw


Mystery & Detective

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Little Tiger Press Group




Paperback / softback




One puzzling mystery. Several slippery suspects. Endless possibilities!   Welcome to Haventry, a town where the ordinary and extraordinary collide! With ghosts, werewolves and zombies living side by side, trouble is always brewing. And when a fiendish crime is committed, YOU are the detective in charge of the case.

Dr Franklefink's precious Monster Maker has gone missing and there are lots of suspects! Along with your yeti partner, it's up to YOU to find the culprit. Should you trail Bramwell Stoker, the terrifying vampire, or Grundle and Grinola, the mischievous goblin twins? Should you follow up a lead about the cunning witches? Or will investigating the doctor's monstrous son Monty lead you to the thief? YOU decide!

With hundreds of paths to choose from and no dead ends, you'll solve the mystery every time!
A fantastically imaginative detective story for readers looking for an interactive adventure.



At the grand old age of..., this is the first ever 'solve your own' book I have read and while I enjoyed the story, I must admit to finding The Monster Maker rather frustrating. Clearly that’s no fault of the book, I thoroughly enjoyed trying to solve the mystery of the missing monster maker; it's more a case of me being nosey and wanting to know what would happen if I made other choices, or whether I was missing parts of the story out by making those choices? Perhaps a second read will help answer this.

The story is set in the town of Haventry where werewolves, ghosts, goblins and zombies live side by side. Dr Franklefink arrives at the office of Klaus Solstaag, Private Investigator, to report the theft of a valuable piece of equipment, the 'Monster Maker'. The case is intriguing and any one of the Doctor's son's friends could have stolen this strange machine. It is up to the reader, as assistant detective in charge of the case, to find out who is the thief, making decisions on which lead to follow and who to investigate next. The story can take any number of paths; how the story unfolds is completely up to the reader.

Written in the third person, readers of Solve your own Mystery, The Monster Maker by Gareth P. Jones can not help but be drawn into this rib tickling tale, add to this some super illustrations by Louise Forshaw and you have a brilliant book for 'hooking' those young readers who are less than committed to reading for pleasure.

224 pages / Reviewed by Sam Phillips

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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