Books - Teenagers


  • Where the Heart Should Be

    Where the Heart Should Be

    • Sarah Crossan
    • Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    • ISBN13: 9781526666598
    • Published: 14-03-2024

    The outstanding novel from the Carnegie Medal-winning, former Laureate na nOg Sarah Crossan; thought-provoking and incredibly moving, it explores love and family during The Great Hunger. Ireland, 1846. Nell is working as a scullery maid in the kitchen of the Big House. Once she loved sc...

  • Bite Risk: Caught Dead

    Bite Risk: Caught Dead

    • S.J. Wills
    • Simon & Schuster Ltd
    • ISBN13: 9781398520974
    • Published: 14-03-2024

    In the dead of night, the Immortal rises . . . welcome to the Town of the Turned.  'A riotously absorbing horror-comedy for readers of 12 and up.' - GuardianAfter Sel Archer and his friends uncover a conspiracy that turns the whole world upside down, it seems that the residents of...

  • Pirates of Darksea

    Pirates of Darksea

    • Catherine Doyle
    • Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    • ISBN13: 9781526655103
    • Published: 14-03-2024

    From the award-winning author of The Storm Keeper's Island, set sail on Catherine Doyle's latest perilous adventure to the magical islands of Darksea.... Deep in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, where the full moon rests on the horizon, lies a secret kingdom called Darksea. Ruled by the Pirate...

  • Secrets of the Snakestone

    Secrets of the Snakestone

    • Piu DasGupta
    • Nosy Crow Ltd
    • ISBN13: 9781839946318
    • Published: 14-03-2024

    In this breathtaking adventure, Zelie and Jules face a deadly race to solve a family mystery and a vicious crime that stretches from the jungles of Calcutta to the sewers of Paris.    Zelie is often accused of being a witch, but she doesn't believe in magic. Until Jules climbs up from t...

  • Black Hole Cinema Club

    Black Hole Cinema Club

    • Christopher Edge
    • Nosy Crow
    • ISBN13: 9781839942730
    • Published: 14-03-2024

    Another edge-of-your-seat adventure from the award-winning author of Escape Room, Christopher Edge. A trip to the cinema will never be the same... When Lucas meets his friends at the local cinema - nicknamed 'The Black Hole' - they're excited about the movie marathon ahead. Non-stop act...

  • The Prisoner of Bhopal

    The Prisoner of Bhopal

    • Tim Walker
    • Andersen Press
    • ISBN13: 9781839133732
    • Published: 07-03-2024

    Amil has always dreamed of working at the modern, space-age pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, where he lives. Instead, on his tenth birthday, he is torn from his family and taken to work for Mr Kumar and his cruel son, Jalesh, in their dilapidated printing factory. There, hidden in a trunk, he...

  • Hide and Seek: A Bletchley Park Mystery

    Hide and Seek: A Bletchley Park Mystery

    • Rhian Tracey
    • Piccadilly Press
    • ISBN13: 9781800787292
    • Published: 29-02-2024

    A thrilling mystery adventure based on true historical events, from the author of I, Spy: A Bletchley Park Mystery. Before the war starts, Ned is resigned to a future working in the family funeral parlour. Then the covert operations at Bletchley Park begin and his life is transform...

  • Cross My Heart and Never Lie

    Cross My Heart and Never Lie

    • Nora Dasnes
    • Farshore
    • ISBN13: 9780008653750
    • Published: 15-02-2024

    Tuva is starting seventh grade, and her checklist of goals includes: writing a diary, getting a cool look, building the best fort in the woods with her BFFs, and sharing EVERYTHING with her best friends. But when she starts school, nothing is how she hoped it would be. Seventh grade has...