The Adventures of Harry Stevenson

The Adventures of Harry Stevenson

By Author / Illustrator

Ali Pye



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Simon & Schuster Ltd




Paperback / softback




Join this small guinea pig on his very BIG adventures in a brand-new illustrated fiction series from author and illustrator Ali Pye

'A sweet, funny book that really made me want to eat dandelions' - Holly Webb

'Sweetly funny and beautifully illustrated' - The i newspaper

Meet Harry Stevenson. He doesn't live in a castle, or a witch's cottage, or anywhere exciting like that. His home is in a flat with seven-year-old Billy and his mum and dad. And at first glance, Harry doesn't seem any different from your average guinea pig. He has ginger fur and sparkly black eyes and likes nothing more than snacking on a piece of broccoli.

But don't be fooled! Harry may just want to sleep and eat (and then eat some more) but somehow he always manages to get swept up in adventures: whether it's surfing the Pacific on a picnic plate or accidentally attaching himself to a helium balloon.


'Delightful stories with humorous exploits galore' - Parents in Touch

'Perfect for bedtime reading' - Books for Topics

'Filled with fun, giggles [...] and lots of action [...] A swinging start to a super new series!' - Lancashire Evening Post

'Harry Stevenson is a funny, plump guinea pig, and I wish I could be him' - Astrid, age 7



What a delightful young fiction read, perfect for emerging readers and those needing a little encouragement - and especially if they happen to love creatures who are small, fluffy and squeak! Harry Stevenson is a guinea pig who is very attached to his 7 year old, football-mad owner, Billy. Unfortunately, however, Harry is very good at being separated from Billy, whether that's being forgotten on move day, racing around on the backs of bikes, or whisked away by some helium balloons. Fortunately, Harry is also clever and lucky enough to find a way home. Of course what Harry loves doing best is nibbling green things and snoozing, and this makes him very endearing, while his tightly-packed adventures will keep young readers turning the pages. The pages are beautifully presented with bright oranges and blues, and nicely spaced text, which together with the wonderful illustrations make this a really good choice for developing readers. I for one can't wait to see what Harry Stevenson gets up to next! 192 pages / Ages 6+ / Reviewed by Ellen Green

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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