The Den

The Den

By Author / Illustrator

Keith Gray, Tom Clohosy Cole


Friends and family

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Barrington Stoke Ltd




Paperback / softback




Marshall feels the need to escape because things are so tough at home. Rory is just happy it's the first day of the summer holidays. While out on their bikes they stumble across a long-forgotten underground bunker at the edge of the woods. This is the den, and going down inside will stretch their friendship to its limits. There will be rivalry and betrayal, but can wrecked relationships be saved before the summer has even begun?



Yet another fantastic HiLo read from Barrington Stoke. The Den by Keith Gray is a brilliant short story for upper KS2 readers, an engaging tale of family, friendship conflict and hope. Marshall's home life is far from ideal, it's just him and his Dad, and his Dad is so wrapped up in his own problems that Marshall would rather be anywhere than at home. So when the summer holidays begin he is keen to be out and about with his best friend Rory.

When the boys discover a long'forgotten underground bunker, Marshall is sure that the summer is about to become 'the best ever'. However, he quickly realises that Rory doesn't fully understand the significance of keeping their 'den' a secret and feels his betrayal is unforgivable.

A fantastic contemporary story of real teen issues, written by someone who clearly understands the minds and some of the stresses experienced by young people today.

120 pages / Reviewed by Sam, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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