The Dodo Who Dreamed She Could Fly

The Dodo Who Dreamed She Could Fly

By Author / Illustrator

Catherine Emmett, Claire Powell


Personal Growth

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Simon & Schuster Ltd




Paperback / softback




An inspiring story about the incredible things that can happen when you give something a try, from award-winning author Catherine Emmett and bestselling illustrator Claire Powell.

Delilah did not often talk of her dream, in case others laughed at how daft it might seem.
For like all those others, this small dodo knew, there never had been any dodos who flew.

Meet Delilah. She's on a mission to be the first dodo to take flight - and she won't let what any of the other dodos say stand in her way. This heart-warming story of perseverance, from the Oscar's Book Prize shortlisted author of The Pet, will strike a chord with anyone who's ever dared to dream. Brought to life with fabulous artwork from the illustrator of The Night Before the Night Before Christmas. This empowering story is perfect for fans of Rachel Bright.



Delilah the Dodo dreams of flying. Initially, scared of what others might think and say, she keeps her dream to herself until one day she decides to try. As predicted, another bird and his friends see her attempt and begin laughing. Holding her head high, she preserves and sticks to her plan even though, time and time again, it fails. That night, as Dad tucks her in, he reassures her not to "..measure you by what others think and what others do". Will Delilah's confidence in her dream be lost because of the others, or will Dad's words boost her into succeeding?

The Dodo Who Dreamed She Could Fly is a fantastically written and illustrated book about a young bird who dreams of achieving something that others may feel is unrealistic. A great book and teaching resource to demonstrate determination and creativity, and one to show how the actions and behaviours of others can affect one's confidence. A great book to use to explore character behaviours, friendships and morals.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria Faithorn, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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