The Doll Twin

The Doll Twin

By Author / Illustrator

Janine Beacham



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Firefly Press Ltd




Paperback / softback




Una Wexford is thrilled to be adopted after the great war, but an eerie secret lurks in her new home - a life sized animated copy of herself. Is 'Ani' as innocent as she seems or does she want to steal Una's new family - and her life?



Since the death of her parents, Una has been living in a children's home. Missing her lighthouse home and the moods of the sea, she find life here hard, her ways infuriating Matron who calls her 'Una the Unwanted' and 'Una the Unstable'. When the Smiths arrive and decide that they want to adopt her, Una is thrilled, both by being wanted and by returning to live by the sea. But her new home, Copperlins, although impressive, is strange and leaves her feeling unsettled. The villagers of Knifely Stifling are wary of the house - and its inhabitants - but Una strikes up a friendship with Mary, a village girl, giving her a feeling of belonging. However, she cannot pretend that the strange occurrences and noises in Copperlins are not happening and one night, she comes face-to-face with a life-sized doll which looks just like her…

Sounds intriguing? It most certainly is! The Doll Twin is a deliciously spooky read which keeps the reader guessing with the plot making twist after turn as poor Una finds herself facing peril, unsure of who she can trust and how she will survive. I love the character of Una. Desperate to be a 'good' daughter, she struggles to mould herself to be the daughter she thinks the Smiths want, whilst trying to hold on to being herself and doing what she thinks is right. Her curiosity, courage and loyalty are all severely tested yet she faces and overcomes many challenges, including being confronted by a life-sized copy of herself who she comes to know as 'Ani', an Animated Curiosity.

I don't want to spoil the story so I will say no more about this… The story is wonderfully atmospheric, with locations and buildings taking on a life of their own, adding much to moments of tension or great emotion. The sea ebbs and flows through Una’s life, offering peril, sanctuary and home. The Doll Twin is an excellent read - one not to miss!

254 pages / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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