The Egyptians

The Egyptians

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Chaaya Prabhat, Jonny Marx


Non Fiction

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Little Tiger Press Group




Novelty book




How did the Egyptians remove a mummy's brain?
How much solid gold was used to make Tutankhamun's sarcophagus?
Was the world's first pop star an Egyptian choral singer?

Readers can discover the truth behind some of the most incredible ancient Egyptian stories and superstitions and unearth the most fascinating aspects of an ancient culture in this immersive book. With flaps to lift on every page, there's plenty of history to uncover!



From the moment you pick it up, The Egyptians feels like a treasure, weighty and vivid. The thick board pages and over 80 lift-up flaps feel as indestructible as a pyramid, perfect for young history lovers who will pore over it until every scrap of information has been ingested.

With only 6 double-page spreads, The Egyptians squeezes a lot in, with whistle-stops tours of archaeology, the pyramids, mummies, Egyptian gods and goddess, life on the Nile and Egyptian daily life.

While older children may prefer a bit more depth, The Egyptians is a perfect primer for children just embarking on historical discovery, and would also make a brilliant centrepiece for a classroom display.

12 pages / Reviewed by Carol Carter, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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