The Elephant Detectives

The Elephant Detectives

By Author / Illustrator

Ged Adamson


Friends and family

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Nosy Crow Ltd




Paperback / softback




A charming, funny adventure about missing elephants and finding friends....  It's the perfect kind of day until Alan's elephant goes missing! Lucky for him, Edie's an Elephant Detective and she knows exactly where to look. Together they examine doughnut shops, investigate dinosaur bones, and search the skies from a cable car, but they can't find him anywhere! Will Alan EVER find his elephant? And might he also find a new friend along the way?



Welcome to this very endearing and comical story about a little boy called Alan who, of course, has a pet elephant. They enjoy the perfect day together until he manages to lose sight of his enormous blue elephant - who'd have thought it possible? Luckily for Alan, he meets Edie who is in actual fact an Elephant Detective and knows exactly where to look… or does she…? What happens when they end up right back to where they started?

The Elephant Detectives is brought to us by author and illustrator Ged Adamson. There are chuckles to be had throughout this book as you immerse yourself in the charming storyline. Ged's illustrations add even more humour as we realise the elephant is actually hiding in plain sight on each page! Can you spot the elephant? Some may say that Alan and Edie might possibly be the worst Elephant Detectives there has ever been, but they do find something very special - a forever friend.

The accompanying audio book brings the book even more to life. It's a great way of sharing this book with more than one child as they enjoy a multi-sensory story experience. The audio book also enables children to enjoy this book completely independently as they listen to the story and turn the pages when instructed. Audio books are a fantastic way of giving our children access to a breadth of vocabulary at times where adults may be juggling multiple tasks at the same time. Nosy Crow always generated such engaging audio books and this is yet another to be celebrated. Will Alan EVER find his elephant? A heart-warming story to be enjoyed by all.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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