The Girl Who Grew Wings

The Girl Who Grew Wings

By Author / Illustrator

Anna Waterworth


Myths & Legends

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A stunning YA romantasy inspired by Greek mythology by the acclaimed author of The Fandom duology.  In the citadel of Appollis, the Gods bestow single gifts on a chosen few. Icari has always known she's a Healer, while her twin sister, Sephie, is cast as an Embalmer, despite showing early promise as an Alchemist - a secret the sisters keep to themselves for possessing two skills is punishable by death. While Sephie learns how to wrap the dead, Icari eases the suffering of others, including a charismatic enemy prisoner called Caszeil. And it's to Caszeil that Icari turns when demons rise up from the Underworld and kidnap her sister. With his help, perhaps she can rescue Sephie. Even if this means growing wings - and flying in the face of the devil himself....

A thrilling YA fantasy adventure romance inspired by Greek mythology From the acclaimed author of The Fandom duology (as Anna Day) A tale of love, sisterhood, magic and the triumph of life and truth over death, set in a gorgeous desert world of Oases and citadels.

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Praise for The Girl Who Grew Wings:  'Gorgeous and deeply heartfelt' Bean Fitzgerald. 'This book has it all' Alexandra Christo. 'A triumph of a book' Ann Sei Lin.  'I was completely swept away' Katherine Corr. 'Captured my heart from the start and never let go' Bex Hogan. 'Clever, angry, ferociously feminist' Laura Wood.  



Greek myths are now a popular and well-populated genre but this new book does more than enough to stand out from the crowd. In the Citadel of Appollis, citizens worship the Sun God and Mother Moon. A chosen few are revealed to have 'callings' and will eventually leave their families to train and hone their skills. But in an icy underworld, the Divine Shadow lurks. Rejected by the Moon Goddess, he seethes with jealousy, eternally looking for a means of elevating his power and assuaging his loss.

Devoted twin sisters Sephie and Icari have always known their callings. Icari is a born healer - gentle, kind and unassuming. Sephie, an alchemist, is scheming, brave, determined. But their mother's shocking death pulls Sephie towards the darkness of the divine shadow and when their Illumination Ritual separates them, Icari suspects that both they and their mother are part of a much larger, more ominous story.

Sweeping romance, fantasy and adventure combine in a whirlwind of a story and the famous Greek myths of Icarus and Persephone are given a new and epic spin. There's expertly crafted world-building and a sinister undercurrent. Well-drawn characters face complex moral questions and ethical dilemmas and there's a satisfying sprinkling of magic, but essentially this is a feminist tale and at its core is an unbreakable cord is sisterly love. Both sisters have strong and unique voices - Icari wise and good beyond her years and Sephie knowing, savvy and always facing danger head on.

There is so much to enjoy here. The Girl who Grew Wings is a soaring, empowering story of light and darkness. Prepare to be swept away!

448 pages / Ages 12+ / Reviewed by Clare Wilkins, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 14+


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