The Pharaoh's Curse (Museum Kittens)

The Pharaoh's Curse (Museum Kittens)

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Holly Webb, Sarah Lodge



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Little Tiger Press Group




Paperback / softback




Brave, clever and never more than a whisker away from adventure! When the museum's visitors are gone for the day, it's time for the cats to come out to play...  The kittens are curious when a rare Egyptian papyrus comes to the museum on loan. But from the moment the artefact arrives, things start to go wrong and rumours of an ancient curse begin to spread. When a pipe leaks and the Egyptian gallery is flooded, the kittens find themselves trapped. Will they be the next victims of the pharaoh's curse?
The second in a charming new series from Holly Webb. Purr-fect for fans of the OTTOLINE books and THE ROYAL RABBITS OF LONDON.



As the follow up to Museum Kittens: The Midnight Visitor, this story continues the adventures of kittens Tasha and Peter, along with the other museum cats.

The Pharaoh's Curse begins with the cats observing a very exciting event - the unpacking of a special delivery of 'The Book of the Dead' which unlocks magic, spells, mysteries and curses!

This adventure follows the kittens through lots of near misses and scrapes as they explore mummies, tombs, haunted papyrus and pharaohs.

This would be a good story to capture children's interest in the Ancient Egyptians, or as a story book for them to enjoy whilst studying it as it introduces many topical words such as 'papyrus paper' and 'hieroglyphics'.

This is a good early chapter book for young readers who are just beginning to build their stamina and move away from picture books. It has ten chapters, each are a good length using relatively large, accessible text. It also includes a good range of vocabulary to test young readers phonics' skills and expand on their knowledge of descriptive language to use in their own writing.

160 pages / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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