The Poo That Grew

The Poo That Grew

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Peter Bently, Nick East



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Hodder Children's Books








The animals were in a funk.
The poop was EVERYWHERE.
It stuck to paw and claw and trunk,
To tail and horn and hair.

Dung beetles love to chew on other animals' tasty poo. But when the monkeys make fun of them for having such a stinky lunch, the beetles decide to munch elsewhere.  What the monkeys didn't realise is that without the beetles, there's no one to clean up their business. And so, the pile of poo grew and grew and GREW.

In this hilarious picture book, Peter Bently imagines what might happen if dung beetles stopped doing their job and shows children that every creature is important to our environment, even those that are small and smelly.



The Poo that Grew will definitely get your attention and so will the front cover of this new book by the talented duo Peter Bently and Nick East. The Poo that Grew is a rhyming text about a group of animals and insects who live together. However, the monkeys are not impressed when they see the dung beetles rolling poo away and eating it! They are extremely rude to the beetles and then the problems begin... because without the beetles, there will be nobody to clean up the forest and that's just what happens.

This book cleverly informs children about the important jobs dung beetles do to help our environment. The fun illustrations support the text and the rhyming text gets everyone involved in a topic that all children will LOVE...POO!!!!!   With rhyming text to join in and familiar songs, this book was a big hit with a class of 6-7 year olds!

The information about "Brilliant Poop-Scooping Beetles" at the back of the book informs and helps children understand that, without these beetles, plants and trees would start to die and there would be a horrible smell everywhere! A great book to support work on Habitats.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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