Bud: The story of how a plant grows ... up!

Bud: The story of how a plant grows ... up!

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Laura Hambleton



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Bloomsbury Children's Books




Paperback / softback




This bright, fun and friendly non-fiction picture book about what happens when one plant grows (up) is a gentle introduction to plant life cycles for readers 3+.

Meet Bud, a TINY rosebud on a BIG adventure. Sitting in a cosy greenhouse, in an even cosier red pot is Bud. Every day, Bud is warmed by Sun and told stories about the BIg Outside by Moon. Bud is happy and content until ... POP! Bud is planted beside looming trees and wiggly worms. The Big Outside is SCARY - but new adventures can be, and there's no bigger adventure than growing up.

A reassuring growing-up story with facts about plants, this adorable book will inspire green fingers in little ones while preparing them for their own growing-up journey.



The tag-line for this book is 'the story of how a plant grows...up!' so you know exactly what you're getting if you pick up this charming book, Bud. It's really an information text disguised as a story, which explains how a tiny bud, safe in his red plant pot in the greenhouse, grows a bit and is planted in the Big Outdoors. It shows how he copes with the changing seasons and looks at what's happening with his roots, under the soil. There is a happy ending when Bud finally blooms and even makes a new friend.

In class, Bud: The story of how a plant grows ... up! is simply told so it is perfect for introducing a plant's topic to young children in EYFS or Key Stage One (ages 4+). The illustrations are bright and eye-catching and there is plenty of detail on each page to spot and talk about.

What's even better is the section at the end of the story, which is a proper information text and explains the growth cycle of a plant, complete with age-appropriate scientific language and then a guide to planting your own seed, nurturing it to grow into your very own Bud.

This book is the perfect gift for any young horticulturists or a must-have addition to a school/classroom library.

Picture book / Reviewed by Wendy Kelly, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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