The Royal Rabbits of London: Escape From the Tower

The Royal Rabbits of London: Escape From the Tower

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Santa Montefiore, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Kate Hindley



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Simon & Schuster Ltd








'Packed with fun, fantasy and the sort of adventure guaranteed to have sticky little fingers hungrily turning the pages' The Mail on Sunday

Life is an adventure. Anything in the world is possible - by will and by luck, with a moist carrot, a wet nose and a slice of mad courage!

Little Shylo Tawny-Tail is proud to call himself one of the Royal Rabbits of London, a secret order who live under Buckingham Palace and fight evil across the world. But high up in London's famous skyscraper, the Shard, the horrible Ratzis are plotting to cause chaos during a visit from the President of the United States. And when the Grand Burrow is attacked and Shylo is kidnapped, it looks as though they might just manage it! Can Shylo escape in time to save the day?

The Hobbit meets Fantastic Mr Fox meets Watership Down in this bestselling series from Santa Montefiore and Simon Sebag Montefiore, which proves even the smallest rabbit can be the biggest hero. Featuring illustrations throughout by award-winning illustrator Kate Hindley.


'The Royal Rabbits of London is sweet, funny and beautifully illustrated' The Times

'Enchanting....Kate Hindley's illustrations are a treat' The Lady



Escape from the Tower is the second book in the Royal Rabbits series. Having not read the first book, I wondered how the authors would introduce the characters and whether the plot would work as a standalone. The book very easily introduces us to Shylo, a small timid rabbit who has been accepted into the prestigious Royal Rabbits to protect the Queen and Buckingham Palace. Out of his comfort zone and away from his family and friends in the country, he is amazed to be introduced to the Backstreet Bushes who protect the Prime Minister at the Fox Club and also ROTUS, the jack rabbits from America, who protect the President. Discovering the Ratzis have a new plot to cause chaos between America and England, Shylo is trapped at their headquarters at the top of the Shard. How will he warn his colleagues and save the World? I absolutely love the animal world the authors have created, using London and its landmarks as the backdrop. The book works very well on its own and has enough references to the first that the reader understands the set up without long drawn out explanations. Children will love the fast paced adventure and comedy within the book but I think it would also amuse and entertain parents reading aloud. The chapters are well spaced without being too long and there are enough characters to appeal to boys and girls. The book is beautifullly illustrated throughout and this adds to this overall feel and understanding of the action. What a lovely book and series to collect, a real winner. Highly recommended. 195 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Lorraine Ansell, school librarian.

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