The Story of People

The Story of People

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Catherine Barr, Amy Husband, Steve Williams



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Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd








Get read to through time as the incredible story of human beings unfolds before our very eyes...

When did the first humans live?
How did humans spread all over the world?
How has science and technology changed the way we live?
And what will happen to humans in the future?

The team behind The Story of Space and The Story of Life present a first book about the human world for very young children, looking at how humans evolved and the history of humanity up to the present day.



This is a fantastic book which summarises our Earth's journey through time, from the 'Big Bang' to now. A brilliant explanation of one theory of how our Earth has developed to the way it is today. Each page has a time tag on to show how many years ago each event happened and they are filled with colourful illustrations with handy annotations too. It explains how a huge rock crashed into the Earth, killing everything apart from some mammals. As it moves through time, it covers how homo sapiens developed in Africa, including how their bodies were different from humans now as well as how they adapted as a tribe through time. Beautiful illustrations show how the world warmed up, melting the ice and allowing people to begin to grow their own food and become hunter-gathers, allowing more children to survive and grow into healthy adults. Further information explains how different cultures and religions began to develop around the world including Muslims in the Middle East, explorers who discovered the Americas accidentally and the development of steam engines to power ships, machines and trains. This book really is packed with information and is presented in a user-friendly way to feed children's love of facts and finding out new pieces of information. There is even a handy glossary at the back to explain any unknown, useful words/phrases. 40 pages / Ages 7 + / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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