The Teenage Guide to Friends

The Teenage Guide to Friends

By Author / Illustrator

Nicola Morgan



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Walker Books Ltd




Paperback / softback




A comprehensive guide to teenage friendships, by award-winning author and well-being expert Nicola Morgan. Essential reading for teenagers and the adults who care about them.

Nicola Morgan is an established expert on the teenage brain and adolescent stress, known for her engaging, clear style. She is author of the internationally renowned Blame My Brain: The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed (shortlisted for the Aventis prize for science) and The Teenage Guide to Stress (winner of the School Library Association Award 2015, with both the judges' and readers' awards). Now The Teenage Guide to Friends - written for teenagers but essential for adults who want to understand - tackles the all-important subject of teen friendships. Contents include a section on making friends, keeping friendships strong, and what happens when they break down - as well as a look at online friendships, cyber-bullying, toxic friendships and frenemies, and empathy. There is also a section on personality types - introverts and extroverts - and quizzes to help you discover what sort of person you are, how you relate to others and how to deal with difficult situations. Complete with a list of helpful resources in the back.



This book is packed with great advice and will give great tips to help you tackle and understand a wide variety of friendship issues. Whatever your friendship worry may be I feel sure that it will be covered in this book. There are sections on different personality types and quizzes to take. It will give you a powerful insight into how people's minds work. A great addition to our school library 'Shelf Help Shelf' and the School Counsellor has asked to read it next. I will be recommending it to any teens who are experiencing difficulties. It covers a number of issues from LGBT, social media, toxic friendships and peer pressure. Most importantly this book gives great advice on how you yourself can be a good friend.

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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