The Worry Jar

The Worry Jar

By Author / Illustrator

Lou John, illus Jenny Bloomfield


Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Oxford University Press




Paperback / softback




Frida worries all the time. Big worries, small worries, and all-the-time worries. Her worries feel heavy, just like the pebbles she collects every day. Some days, Frida's worries become that only thing she can think about.  But then, one day, her granny teaches her an ingenious way to keep her worries in check-and Frida finally feels the weight of her fears slip away . . .  This sensitively written picture book explores how a young girl learns to manage her worries. Jenny Bloomfield's beautifully observed illustrations bring Frida's feelings and experiences vividly to life.



The Worry Jar is a perfect story to share about worries and wellbeing. Frida, the main character has many worries and collects pebbles for every worry she has. From worrying about the weather to not jumping into the pool during her swimming lesson, she is weighed down each day by her worries and the pebbles she carries in her pockets. When Granny comes to visit she realises that Frida's worries are holding her back and making her unhappy so she suggests putting ALL her worry pebbles into a huge jar. This makes a huge difference...and we see a happy Frida embracing all the wonderful activities in her life with a smile and renewed courage.

Year 2 loved this book and used it to talk about worries and that, while everyone worries, that should not hold us back. We talked about sharing our worries and using Frida's story as an example to help us when we are worried. A lovely story with gorgeous illustrations.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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