There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story

There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story

By Author / Illustrator

Lou Carter, Deborah Allwright


Picture Books

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




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Now available in 23 languages!The Big Bad Wolf is late AGAIN and is ruining stories as he rushes through the forest to Grandma's house. When the Three Little Pigs get seriously grumpy AGAIN, Wolf tells them he's had ENOUGH. There will be no more HUFFING and PUFFING from this Big Bad Wolf. The fairytale characters aren't worried - they can totally manage without him!But Big Bad Wolfing is harder than it looks ... And what happens when they realise that they really need a Big Bad Wolf in this story?

From the pairing behind the fabulously funny and internationally bestselling There Is No Dragon In This Story comes another hilarious story featuring your favourite fairytale characters as you've never seen them before!

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The Big Bad Wolf is late again and is ruining stories as he rushes through the forest to Grandma's house. The Three Little Pigs, Grandma and the rest of the fairy tale creatures are all too quick to grumble and moan at him...despite his best efforts to ensure he is on time. Eventually, the Big Bad Wolf can take no more of the moaning and complaining and tells the characters that he has had enough. There will be no more huffing or puffing or even Grandma snacking, instead the characters will have to make do by themselves. This task does not worry them though, after all, how hard can it be to manage without The Big Bad Wolf ???

Lou Carter and Deborah Allwright are the fabulously funny pair behind the hugely successful There is No Dragon in this Story and There is No Big Bad Wolf in this Story is set to be just as popular amongst early readers. The narrative formed by Lou Carter flows from page to page and the intertwining of characters from popular fairy tales adds to the engagement factor. You feel like you are transported to the land of fairy tales and the idea of all the characters and stories mixing together really captured my imagination as well as my Year 1 Class. They enjoyed the idea of the Gingerbread Man playing in the same environment as Little Red Riding Hood as well as the other scenarios. My class also loved the illustrations from Deborah Allwright. The combination of vibrant colours and little details really kept their engagement levels high as they spotted clues to how the story was going to progress as well as links to how the characters were feeling throughout the story.

Lou and Deborah really are a dynamic duo when it comes to producing high quality picture books. This story is a great addition to any EYFS or KS1 book corner and a great real aloud story to share. It is certainly one children will love to revisit independently as they explore the fairy tale world further but there are also opportunities to use the text as a pathway into conversations about appreciating people and the role they play in our lives. It certainly delivers a message of 'be kind'.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


This front cover entices you in by the familiar characters who all look slightly flummoxed and perhaps a little grumpy so the children in my class were eager to find out more and why there is no big bad wolf in this story!

There is No Big Bad Wolf in This Story begins with the familiar stories of Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs and the chaos the Big Bad Wolf causes... However, we soon find out that the Big Bad Wolf does not want to be in both stories and is late for all the events, making all the other characters very grumpy. The story flips between the two original familiar stories with colourful illustrations which give more detail to the way poor wolf is feeling and the challenge having NO wolf in the stories, no one to blow the houses down or to eat Grandma. Luckily a fire breathing dragon appears but causes havoc! Wolf is found fishing, relaxing by the river - but can he be persuaded to return to his usual activities and save the day?

We really enjoyed the story and that Wolf was fed up being in two stories! The comic strip illustrations tell the story so well and the children loved the details and seeing the feelings on the faces of the characters. This book was shared in class and was asked to be reread! A popular choice. This book would be a very suitable book to use in our Traditional stories unit, especially looking at characters.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria Aldred, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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