This Girl Can Do Anything

This Girl Can Do Anything

By Author / Illustrator

Stephanie Stansbie, Hazel Quintanilla


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Meet Ruby. Ruby can do ANYTHING. She knows what she wants, and NOTHING is going to stop her - not a rainy day, a hard-to-reach treehouse or a pesky skateboard. Just you wait and see...  With expressive, retro illustrations from exciting new illustration talent Hazel Quintanilla, this empowering book celebrates strong girls the world over. Little ones will LOVE Ruby - the ultimate feisty role model to show young girls how to harness their voice and inner strength.

Author Stephanie Stansbie reads from This Girl Can Do Anything



This Girl Can Do Anything is a charming picture book about Ruby, a small girl who knows exactly what she wants. The story is written in the first person, the pictures help convey meaning and it's full of points that every parent and child will relate to.

The book aims to empower children to use their voice and be strong - standing up for what they want, just like Ruby. It's a short story so great to read with younger children, whilst also being a great discussion starter for slightly older children - for example, when Ruby comes across difficulties, she doesn't give up, she persists.

This was a lovely story to share with my little girl at bedtime and one that I would also like sharing with my class at school - it's about realising the importance of yourself.

Picture book / Reviewed by Lizi Backhouse, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


Nothing is going to stop this little girl, Ruby. She knows exactly what she wants and nothing is going to get in her way, even if others sometimes don't quite agree!  

This Girl Can do Anything introduces the reader to the character of Ruby and is a good resource to use to demonstrate having the ability to express personality, perseverance, opinions, energy and imagination. The illustrations of this book work well with the text to add more context to the simple structured sentences. Each page's illustrations are based around one colour and use a retro style of drawing.

This Girl Can do Anything will be sure to generate deep and interesting conversation and debate about personal strength and opinions, against rules and boundaries. It is also a very good resource to use when covering the views and stereotypes of what girls can and can't do or achieve.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria Faithorn, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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