Three Little Monkeys

Three Little Monkeys

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Quentin Blake, Emma Chichester Clark, Olivia Colman



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HarperCollins Publishers








A remarkable collaboration - that brings together giants of the picture book world - to create a funny, anarchic and utterly delightful picture book. A classic of the future.

Hilda Snibbs had three little monkeys. Their names were Tim and Sam and Lulu. They were very lively...



A stylish lady, Hilda Snibbs, shares her domestic routines with the reader as she learns to cope with three very challenging house guests. With a nod to Dr Seuss's Thing 1, 2 and 3, the monkeys do eventually appear to behave! Hilda, a stylish Parisian single lady, lives in a beautiful apartment. Emma Chichester Clark has designed Hilda an amazing wardrobe with extravagant hats and colourful dresses. Hilda Snibbs dearly loves her 'three little monkeys' as shown on her face in the illustration where she delicately feeds the monkeys whilst sitting at the dining room table. The monkeys have beautifully large and appealing eyes but are as naughty as can be! The illustrations perfectly show the glee and delight the monkeys have whilst playing with Hilda's possessions; her knitting, her kitchen cupboards and food, in fact in playing with everything they shouldn't in the apartment. Hilda's daily routine, which involves leaving the three little monkeys alone for a short time, causes the hilarity and chaos of three energetic explorers! The repetition of Hilda's increasingly desperate pleas for good behaviour following by the monkeys delightful big-eyed silence is both funny and absorbing. The tale twists when Hilda returns one day to a tidy, calm apartment; the monkeys are nowhere to be found and Hilda's emotional turmoil is reflected in the dull, grey illustrations. Colour returns to the pages when she finds three good little monkeys hiding in the neat and tidy cupboard. Parents will recognise Hilda's dilemma: the desire for a tidy, calm, organised house and her love for the little monkeys. The book ends with Hilda thinking she has it all until she slides into bed - which is full of cutlery and tins of sardines. The three little monkeys have the last word! Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Anita Milton.

Suggested Reading Age 5+


Hilda Stubbs has three rather unconventional pets - monkeys! This is the story of Hilda and her three rather naughty little monkeys called Tim, Sam and Lulu. Unfortunately for Hilda Stubbs, her monkeys cannot seem to stay out of trouble! Every day she leaves the house and her three little monkeys become rather bored. When she comes back, each room has been turned upside down, and her three little monkeys do not saying anything at all! Her best hat, her soup, her favourite shampoo are all ruined! Until one day her poor mother is sick and Hilda has to visit, things change for Hilda and her three monkeys - she loses the three monkeys! She becomes so upset she cries and cries until there are puddles. She goes to fetch a new towel to tidy up and there in the cupboard she finds three very cheeky, little monkeys! The illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark are beautiful and make the book come alive, especially the colour change to match Hilda Stubbs' emotions. For younger children, the book is aesthetically pleasing and humorous. The repetition in the book will allow younger children to join in. I would recommend this book for KS1. 30 pages/ Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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