We Are The Rainbow ! The Colours of Pride

We Are The Rainbow ! The Colours of Pride

By Author / Illustrator

Claire Winslow, illus Riley Samels


Representation & Inclusion

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Board book




What does the rainbow mean to you? Learn the meanings behind the colours of the LGBTQ+ pride flag! Shaped pages reveal each colour of the rainbow as you read.

Author Claire Winslow on what inspired We Are the Rainbow



We Are the Rainbow: The Colours of Pride is an early introduction for young children to ideas of difference, kindness and tolerance, using the colours of Pride - the rainbow - to share thoughts on inclusion and taking pride in who we are.

The early pages use colour to highlight attributes, for example the first purple spread reminds us to listen to our hearts, 'You are unique, important and one-of-a-kind', while the next blue spread, for harmony, says, "Together, our voices can change the world'. These are heartfelt and valuable sentiments for every child to hear.  The illustrations play a significant role in portraying these messages, with each line of text bundled up with moments to treasure - the joy of a child dressing up in mismatched, fun clothes, being themself; the diversity and camaraderie of the 'harmony' singers.

After we have gone through each of the colours of the rainbow, we reach the final spread of the rainbow: 'The rainbow is for PRIDE. Pride means being glad to be who you are', before we are taken through a short history of how the Pride flag developed.

This is a lovely book to share with any age group, and could also be used with groups or in assemblies to support not just tolerance but having the courage to enjoy being who you are. This book brings a lovely little rainbow with much to enjoy!

Board book / Reviewed by Elen Green

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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