We Disagree About This Tree

We Disagree About This Tree

By Author / Illustrator

Ross Collins


Picture Books

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A fantastically funny festive story about the Bear and Mouse who ALWAYS disagree from the award-winning Ross Collins, creator of the bestselling There's a Bear on My Chair.

Bear and Mouse have finally overcome their differences and are living together in perfect harmony . . . until it's time to decorate the Christmas tree! Bear wants dazzling lights, while Mouse prefers gigantic baubles . . . and, wait a minute, did Mouse just put a MANATEE on the top?! A topsy-turvy tree is definitely THE LAST STRAW and it looks as if Christmas is RUINED. But maybe, just maybe, Bear and Mouse can reach a compromise in time . . . ?

Enjoy a short reading by author and illustrator Ross Collins



Bear and Mouse are the two main characters in this lovely story, We Disagree about this Tree - both of them disagree on absolutely everything to do with decorating their Christmas tree. But what's this, a sense of Christmas spirit breaking out and the two characters finding something in common?

A super book for helping children come to some sort of compromise when two of them disagree about something, and is aimed at children aged 4+ - although dare I say even some of my 10 year olds smiled heartily at this story. A Christmas themed book with a strong PSHE message for all readers. Strongly recommended.

"I thought the ending was really sweet and it made me feel Christmassy even though it is months away!" D aged 6.  "I really loved the ending - it was so funny."  H aged 7 "I didn't expect the ending, it was a great surprise." S aged 6

Picture book / Reviewed by Sharon Porter, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


'Now just relax and you will see how Christmassy a tree can be with decoration left to me.' This book beautifully illustrates how people think differently and have different opinions. Are either of the characters correct or could they both be right?

We Disagree About This Tree, in which Mouse and Bear fail to agree about how to decorate their Christmas tree, wonderfully introduces the topics of empathy as well as conflicted opinions. The rhyming nature of this text enhances the enjoyment for the reader and the words chosen will aid expansion of a child's vocabulary.

This fantastic story is a must have for every Christmas book box and is sure to become a firm favourite. I can imagine many parents learning it off by heart as it becomes the bedtime book which is asked for repeatedly.

Picture book / Reviewed by Amanda Shipton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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