Where's Mrs Panda?

Where's Mrs Panda?

By Author / Illustrator

Ingela P Arrhenius




Nosy Crow Ltd




Board book




The original, award-winning Felt Flap series - perfect for babies and toddlers! Each title in this stylish series has five spreads with friendly characters to find behind colourful felt flaps.  In Where's Mrs Panda?, you're on the look out for Mr Elephant, Mrs Yak, Mr Leopard and Mrs Panda herself!  Lift the final flap and there's a surprise mirror - always a hit with the little ones.

Parents adore these books because they are beautiful but tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic of young readers. And children love them because they are just so much fun.  Other titles in the series include, Felt Flaps Where's Mr Lion?, Felt Flaps Where's Mr Unicorn? and Felt Flaps Where's Mrs Ladybird?

Felt Flaps Where's Mr Lion? won Sainsbury's Children's Book of the Year 2017.  



If you're looking for another interactive baby book to add to your collection, look no further! Where's Mrs Panda? is a hide-and-seek book for sharing with a very tiny person. We open the vibrant pink cover to begin our search to find: Mr Elephant, Mrs Yak, Mr Leopard and Mrs Panda. Each animal is hidden under colourful felt flaps.

The texture of the flaps is likely to be a sure winner with your little one. This sensory aspect makes this book a great introduction to lift-the-flap books as it encourages little fingers to investigate them. Your baby will engage in the ultimate sensory experience on the final page when the flap is lifted to reveal a mirror (as in each of the books in this series). After looking at the features of all of the animals in the book, the mirror gives our babies a great opportunity to study their own features and nurture their self-awareness.

These books are really great to use during tummy-time. They have easy to manoeuvre flaps which are eye-catching and will encourage your little one to move their hands and reach out their arms during tummy-time with the book left on the floor. Alternatively, the book could be positioned upright on the floor to encourage your little one to lift their head and look up into the mirror.

There is such a range of books in this series, from trains to unicorns and pirates to queens, making it a great series to invest in to follow your little one's interests.

Board book / Reviewed by Jessica, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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