Woodwitch: The magical adventure continues! (Hedgewitch Book 2)

Woodwitch: The magical adventure continues! (Hedgewitch Book 2)

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Skye McKenna, illus Tomislav Tomic



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Welbeck Publishing Group








Step into the magical world of Hedgewitch, where the land of Faerie lies just beyond our own . . . The enchanting new series continues.

Cassie has settled into life in Hedgely when, out of the blue, her troubled cousin, Sebastian, comes to stay for Hallowe'en. Sneering and scornful, Sebastian trails after Cassie and her friends, interfering with their coven projects and belittling the dangers of the faery world.  But Cassie, Rue and Tabitha have bigger problems - as the nights grow longer, a dark shadow creeps out of the Hedge and villagers start behaving strangely, possessed with the desire to find a mysterious object.

When the Hedgewitch is called away, the girls decide to investigate and discover that whoever is controlling the villagers is seeking a faery relic: an ancient and dangerous weapon, hidden somewhere in the village. Their magical training will be put to the test as they venture deeper into the Hedge and race to find the faery treasure before it falls into the hands of the Erl King.

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Cassie has settled into life in the village of Hedgely. Her broomstick riding is improving and has found loyal friends in Rue and Tabitha, fellow members of Oak Patrol at her school. As Hallowe'en approaches, some of the villagers start behaving strangely, possessed with the need to locate a missing object. Although the Hedgewitch has been called away and her sneering cousin Sebastian has reluctantly come to stay, Cassie and her friends decide to investigate and discover that whoever is controlling the villagers is in search of an ancient faery relic. Soon, they are in a race to locate this treasure before it falls into the hands of the Erl King.

I loved Hedgewitch and so started reading Woodwitch with high expectations - and I was not disappointed. Skye McKenna's world-building is second to none and it is easy for those who have read the first book to quickly find their feet in Hedgely once more. Who wouldn't want to wander down Loft Street and visit Widdershin's Bookshop, Marchpane's bakery or the Bramble and Bloom Tea Room? This attention to detail is also shown in Skye's use of beautifully descriptive language, bringing this world vividly to life.

Cassie continues to be a very endearing character. Courageous and resourceful, she is also a loyal friend. The girls make an excellent team with their characters and skills complementing each other as they bravely face the perils of the Hedge and the threat of the Erl King.

The story is pacy and offers just the right amount of peril. Cassie continues to search for her parents and the reader learns more about her past and that of Ivy, the 'thorn in Cassie's side since she'd arrived'. The story reaches a very satisfying conclusion, allowing different characters to find resolution whilst making the reader long for Cassie's next adventure!

400 pages / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


Skye McKenna’s acclaimed Hedgewitch adventure continues with her second book, Woodwitch. This brilliant story takes us back to the magical world of Hedgely where the land of Faerie lies just beyond the enchanted village. Cassie and the Oak Patrol are back, but this time the adventure is more dangerous than ever before. Cassie has settled well into her new life at Hartwood Hall with her Aunt - the 'Hedgewitch' - and at the end of the summer, Hartwood Hall welcomes another two guests - Cassie's cousin, Sebastian, as well as an assistant coven witch Miss Early.

When the Hedgewitch is then summoned to the Assembly for a blood-truth-trial, Cassie is left in charge of Sebastian, and Miss Early in charge of the coven. In light of some strange goings-on in Hedgely, Cassie decides to summon an old goblin friend to find out why these are happening. The goblin proceeds to tell Cassie that the Erl King is seeking a faerie relic that will help him destroy the borders that protect Hedgely and allow him to cross over. So, Oak Patrol begin the search for the ancient treasure in order to stop the Erl King from finding it, yet little does Cassie know that this will lead to uncover past truths about her mother and the father she has never known.

In the depths of the Hedge lie secrets that Cassie needs to discover and in order to find them she must encounter the creatures that lie deep within the Hedge; but the Hedge is no place to be for inexperienced witches like Cassie, Rue and Tabitha. However, in all battles between good and evil, something is gained and something is lost and this book exploits this theme brilliantly.

I really was excited to read this book and having read the first book, Hedgewitch, it did not disappoint me. It is full of exciting plots, magical creatures, friendship and legends of old. It was a complete pleasure to read and I know that children who love magical realms will be captivated by the story and its much-loved characters.

400 pages / Reviewed by Hayley, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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