Words and Your Heart

Words and Your Heart

By Author / Illustrator

Kate Jane Neal



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Simon & Schuster Ltd




Paperback / softback




Your words are amazing! This book is about your heart. The little bit inside of you that makes you, you!

A very timely book about the power of words - and how we use them. Told through the eyes of Pip and Cat, this book beautifully demonstrates the importance of what we say - both positive and negative. Thoughtful, warm-hearted and completely non-preachy, this is a book that has already resonated with large numbers of children, whose teachers report a sea of change in the culture of their classroom after reading it.

A universal message, for a world that always needs a little more kindness.

'It's a great way to encourage discussion and to share the power of words' Parents in Touch
'A beautiful book that tells a strong story that spans all generations' - Donna J
'Truly beautiful and effective' - Jo E
'Possibly the most beautiful present I have ever received' - Lisa W



I like the simple but profound message in this book - that the words we say affect people's hearts. The heart is described as 'the little bit inside you that makes you, you', a phrase which is repeated in slightly different ways throughout the book. This description immediately engages with children's emotions and makes them think about how they feel when other children say things that make them happy or sad. The illustrations are clear in black and shades of red. It is a lovely book to read to a class and invite their comments on their feelings. Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Philippa Moyle, school librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 5+


This is the first book I've read by the author Kate Jane Neal and I think the message is a very important one: Your words have the ability to change someone else's heart and how they feel. It's a message suitable for anybody and for children of any age. Young children may be surprised by the power their words can have. I love the illustrations in this book and I spent a long time looking through the illustrations. The limited range of colours (mainly black, white and red) makes the pictures seem more vibrant and special. This book could be used to support the teaching of personal, social, health education, citizenship, art or thinking skills. But please share this book with a child you know to remind them that they can make the world a better place if we all use our words to look after each other's hearts. What a lovely message! Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by K Kaur, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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