You Better Watch Out

You Better Watch Out

By Author / Illustrator

Sarah Naughton


Suspense & Thrillers

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Paperback / softback




Dark, moreish and chilling - the countdown to Christmas is on ... and time is running out. Every day in December, a gift is left for Eleri in the abandoned tower block opposite her flat. At first, she can't help but be flattered, hoping that her Secret Santa is enigmatic Ras - a boy she has history with. But with each day that passes, the gifts get darker and more dangerous. Is this a harmless bit of festive fun? Or does this have something to do with Nina's disappearance last year? If so ... will Eleri be next?

Perfect for BookTok, this thriller is the ultimate blend of haunting and festive Foregrounding themes of disability and broken families: Eleri's single mum has cerebral palsy Sarah Naughton was shortlisted for the Costa Children's Book Award with her YA novel THE HANGED MAN RISES


Grace - Age 15

This book had me addicted. You Better Watch Out is about a girl who gets given random gifts on the count-down to Christmas form an assumed stalker. The plot line develops throughout the book and on every page you find yourself finding more out about a character. Anyone who wants an easy read in the run up to Christmas or aged 14 plus should pick this book up and read it!

Suggested Reading Age 14+


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