A reassuring story for starting school

Posted on Friday, August 18, 2023
Category: Author Videos

Sam Copeland introduces his fun and reassuring picture book for children who are anxious about their first day of school, The Bear Behind, illustrated by Pippa Curnick.  Find out how Sam's own first day at school - and a special act of kindness - helped inspire this story, and enjoy a short reading in this video.

For children starting school, or facing any new situation, Sam Copeland's The Bear Behind (Hachette Children's Books) is a funny, reassuring story about a boy's first day at school - and what happens when a large blue bear shows up to make him laugh during the day.

Find out more about The Bear Behind from author Sam Copeland:  "I've wanted to write a picture book for years, but they are tricky beasts - rather like bears…   The Bear Behind is about a big, mischievous bear that appears whenever Ivor, the hapless hero, is anxious.  And yes, it is based on my own experiences of starting school.   I remember being lost and alone on my first day of infant school, crying in the playground, and an older girl came along and helped me. I will never forget that kindness.

Reviews:  "This wonderful story would be the perfect way to prepare a child for a new start at school, whether it is their first day in Reception, at a new school or just with a new teacher."