Nothing is what it seems in Sticky Pines!

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Author Dashe Roberts introduces the latest book in her action-packed science fiction series, Sticky Pines: The Valley of the Strange.

A fabulous and fun read, the Sticky Pines mysteries follows the lives of the residents of Sticky Pines where odd lights, strange creatures and the mystery of the sticky pines themselves drive the investigations of local residents Lucy and her friend Milo. Author Dashe Roberts tells us more about the latest book in the series, Sticky Pines: The Valley of the Strange.

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More about Sticky Pines: The Valley of the Strange:   Things are FREAKY and about to get even FREAKIER in the sleepy American town of Sticky Pines.  Weirdness mounts upon creepiness to create a riotously funny potion in The Valley of the Strange, the latest explosive instalment of the cult sci-fi series for children.

Lucy Sladan has made the biggest, most bizarre discovery of all time... but still no one believes her. Even her best friend Milo Fisher is not convinced. But his father knows she is on to something. Soon Lucy is in a race to stop Mr Fisher's monstrous efforts to uncover the source of the sticky-pine sap that is making his fortune...and so risking the destruction of the world.

Perfect for the younger siblings of Stranger Things fans, Sticky Pines offers laugh-out-loud, hair-raising sci-fi and mysteries aplenty. The TRUTH is OUT THERE - are you ready for it?

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