Children Book Reviews


  • Into the Sideways World

    Into the Sideways World

    Name: Ellora Age 11
    27 November 2022;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Ross Welford is an exceptionally brilliant author with his mind blowing time books and Into The Sideways World is no exception. I read this book in one sitting, so mesmerised with the way he writes. I love how he involved the future and a different world into this book it's am...

  • Murder At Snowfall

    Murder at Snowfall

    Name: Ruth Cornish
    22 November 2022;

    Genre: Mystery & Detective

    Murder at Snowfall, the latest murder mystery from Fleur Hitchcock, is an exciting middle grade book featuring realistic characters with real life issues in addition to a thrilling sideline in detective work. The atmosphere created by the author is as chilling as the season as...

  • Midwinter Burning

    Midwinter Burning

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    22 November 2022;

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    Evacuated away from London and his indifferent mother, Alfie Wright thrives in his new life with 'Auntie' Bell and her son, Ted, at Coombe Farm in Devon. A sensitive, different boy, he is no longer 'Alfie Wrong', but is cared for, managing to make friends with Smidge, a mysterious lad Alfie me...

  • The Snow Bear

    The Snow Bear

    Name: Wendy Kelly
    22 November 2022;

    Genre: Animals

    This classic book has been re-released by Little Tiger in a gorgeous 10th anniversary edition. The story is as lovely as it's always been and will delight junior readers, especially during the winter months. It tells the story of Sara, a little girl staying with her grandfather just before Chr...

  • My First Book of Electromagnetism

    My First Book of Magnetism

    Name: Jenny Caddick
    19 November 2022;

    Genre: Non Fiction

    This First Book of Electromagnetism is a fabulously colourful and engaging non-fiction science guide by the brilliant Button Books , who excel at producing bold and very visually appealing non-fiction books that are packed with incredible facts and written and illustrated by e...

  • The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities

    The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities

    Name: Jenny Caddick
    19 November 2022;

    Genre: Non Fiction

    The Big Book of 100 STEM Activities is such a brilliantly appealing non-fiction book from publisher Button Books. The pairing of Laura Minter and Tia Williams has created a really fun and engaging set of science experiments to entertain and learn from. From a vibrantly illustr...

  • Truly Tyler

    Truly Tyler

    Name: Rikayla Age 13
    18 November 2022;

    Genre: Friendship

    I Love the Terri Libenson Series, it is the best book I ever read. I give this book a 5 out of 5 that is how good it is.

  • The Chestnut Roaster

    The Chestnut Roaster

    Name: Jacqueline Harris
    15 November 2022;

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    Piaf (Sparrow) is a chestnut roaster in Paris in the 1800s whilst The Eiffel Tower is just being built. Piaf is blessed (or is it cursed?) with total recall of every event in her life. There is something dangerous lurking in the background; 20 gifted children have disappeared, and Piaf's own b...

  • Winnie and Wilbur: Winnie the Witch 35th Anniversary Edition

    Winnie and Wilbur: Winnie the Witch 35th Anniversary Edition

    Name: Amanda Shipton
    15 November 2022;

    Genre: Friends and family

    'The original is the best' is a phrase which is often said and here this could not be truer. Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul have created a story which has stood the test of time beautifully. The story of Winnie and Wilbur will be just as enticing for children today as when it was first written....

  • The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions

    The Bedtime book of Impossible Questions

    Name: Carol Wright
    11 November 2022;

    Genre: Non Fiction

    Our school Reading ambassadors really enjoyed this fascinating book. The Bedtime book of Impossible Questions answers those questions that you didn't know you had. Perfect for bedtime reading for those who ask 'why what when where and how', it will quench your child's thirst f...