Amir and the Jinn Princess

Amir and the Jinn Princess

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MT Khan



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A thrilling new adventure in the glittering realm of the jinn, from the author of Nura and the Immortal Palace.

Amir has lived all his life in splendour, being the son of a wealthy businessman. But when his mother disappears at his father's factory, Amir is the only one who feels sure she's not gone forever.  When a strange jinn shows up on his doorstep with clues to his mother's whereabouts, Amir finds himself following Shamsa into the realm of the jinn - a world of trickery, tests and deceit.

But could his mother also be hiding in this world of pink seas and purple skies, and could a jinn princess be his key to finding her?



12-year-old Amir lives a privileged life; his father runs a prestigious brick-making company in Lahore, Pakistan. The youngest of three siblings, Amir has no desire to inherit the company. His mother mysteriously disappeared a year ago and since then, Amir's behaviour has deteriorated. When he discovers that his father is planning to remarry, he knows that the only way to stop the wedding is by finding his mother and returning her to the family.

A chance meeting with Shamsa, a jinn princess, leads Amir into the magical jinn realm, where life-changing adventures await him. Shamsa offers to help Amir search for his mother; in return he agrees to help Shamsa compete against her siblings in a competition to become the new heir of the Kagra Kingdom. In doing so, Amir must confront some painful truths about himself, his family, and the mother he loves so dearly.

Amir and the Jinn Princess is a beautifully written book, with so many levels to explore. On the surface it is a fast-paced, entertaining adventure story, but as the reader becomes more involved in the narrative, we uncover themes of family, love, loss, grief, compassion and saving the environment.

Amir has always been taught that people become poor because they make poor choices and do not work hard enough. When we are introduced to the character of Yaqub, we are taught that this is not the case. Amir's nature transforms throughout the book and he becomes much more likeable and inspiring.  Shamsa, the jinn princess, is a lovely character, and in contrast to Amir, she is desperate to become heir because she sees things going wrong within the kingdom and wants to change them for the better.

The book has many amusing moments, but also is incredibly moving, especially when Amir remembers times he spent with his mother. The novel would make a good class reader and contains much to discuss as well as giving the reader an introduction to Pakistani culture. A very enjoyable read and one to be recommended.

304 pages / Reviewed by Beverley Somerset, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 9+


Amir and the Jinn Princess by M. T. Khan is a beautiful, enchanting story that takes the reader into the secret realm of the jinn.

Everything in Amir's life is planned out. He is the third child of a wealthy businessman in Pakistan. Although he has the best of everything, he is deeply unhappy. Ever since his mother disappeared a year ago from the family's factory, he is a shadow of his former self. He does not see the point in trying at school anymore, as he knows that he will have to join the family brick business soon so he see pursing his dreams as pointless. Amir still believes that his mother is missing for a reason but no-one is willing to listen to him, and then he learns that his father is to marry again.

Amir has never really believed in superstitious nonsense until the day he meets a black cat whilst waiting for his driver, but this is no ordinary cat and when Amir takes it home, he soon discovers its true identity; Shamsa, a mysterious jinn, who offers to help in his hour of need. Together, they enter the jinn realm of trickery and magic to search for his mother. 

This book is a beautifully written story entwined with culture, magic and secrets. Children will love reading about the Kingdom of Kagra with its purple skies and blue sand. The storylines within this book focus on dealing with grief, jealousy and capitalism. The characters in this story are carefully crafted and each character pulls the storyline together.

This book would make an excellent end of day story or it could be used for a writing unit in upper KS2 with a focus on fantastical worlds.

304 pages / Reviewed by Hayley Summerfield, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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